Token Utilities

The $TFAI token is a crucial component of our ecosystem and serves as the main currency for unlocking premium features on our website.

Use cases below:

  • GovernanceDAOto vote for major decision of the project.

  • Stakingto earn passive yield

  • Subscribe services to use Meet TAC (package 30-day, 3-month, 6-month, yearly)

  • Hold to access early Beta Features.

At TradFiAI, we differentiate ourselves from conventional non-crypto rivals by offering a convenient and inclusive means for worldwide users to obtain restricted content. As we broaden our network and introduce fresh AI products, the token's practicality will increase, making it more valuable to our users.

As part of our initial promotion, we're granting holders of $TFAI tokens access to our unreleased Beta features. You can confirm your qualification for the Beta program via our Discord server on Collabland. We guarantee the security of Collabland and assure you that your wallet details will be kept confidential.

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